Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hide selected enum values in form control using X++ code

Removing some of the elements that are not needed when they are shown in a combo-box on a form.To achieve this behavior Microsoft has given a class just for that purpose. The class is “SysFormEnumComboBox”.

Here is a sample code snippet that depicts how to use this class on a form having a combo-box control: 

Simply override the init() of the form and add the code.

public void init()
    SysFormEnumComboBox     sysFormEnumComboBox;
    Set enumSet = new Set(Types::Enum); // collection of selected values.

  SysFormEnumComboBox = SysFormEnumComboBox::newParameters(element,                                                 element.controlId(formControlStr(TestForm, ComboBoxCtrl)),  enumName2Id(enumStr(HMDaysName)), enumSet,"Select");

    super();; // To select value in combo

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